Market analysis – fast, accurate mapping

Traditionally clinician market research has adopted a global ‘top down’ approach. An additional and new approach can be provided by Mass to gain increased regional alignment and accurately understand the most appropriate scientific data messaging that is needed by HCPs and key stakeholders.

Digital market analysis tools can provide such regionalised maps of HCP attitudes, knowledge and behaviours towards treatments, competitors and your own products. Digital deployment ensures that this can be done rapidly.

Such intelligence can often contrast with that of global advisory board viewpoints and test and augment these with a richer regional landscape understanding. This is our ‘three dimensional’ approach: expert, one-off and regular perspectives that can be e-based, live, and integrated with programmes custom-designed for your MSLs.

Digital market analysis, segmentation and field intelligence platforms can also contribute to the ‘3D’ market understanding approach.


Digital market analysis, segmentation and field intelligence platforms can contribute to a new ‘3D’ market understanding approach

Mark Forbes Irving, Director






The ‘new’ medical affairs agenda

Medical Affairs responsibilities have evolved and continue to do so. A ‘new normal’ has arrived. Pharma faces unprecedented marketplace disruption to the asset commercialisation process.