MSL optimisation
and insights

Delivering effective communications in the healthcare sector poses numerous challenges. As the complexity of products increases, and the time for launch preparation is often shortened, there is increased pressure for MSLs to supply a deepened clinician interface, high science fluency, and timely and specific data provision.

Allocation of MSL activity can be highly influential on product success. The quality of HCP engagement is increased when MSLs are provided with aligned support tools based on MSL derived insights. The future role of MSLs has been the subject of much discussion, and the prior benchmark ratio of 1:10 MSLs to traditional field force personnel has been dropping sharply over recent years. Some companies now foresee an era of specialist field staff only. With increased investment in MSLs there is increased scrutiny, and thus a need to ensure optimised MSL activity.

MSL Training- product and aligned marketplace issues

Training Channels – Standardised, validated and immersive journey. Platforms designed to provide an effective measurement and tracking dashboard both for enhanced management and also regulatory compliance/oversight. Signals and trends can be elicited to shape future training.

MSL Optimisation and insights

Account strategy alignment and enhanced MSL training delivered by:

• gathering competitive intelligence

• promoting accuracy in diagnosis and disease definitions

• analysing and addressing perceptions of therapy

• understanding treatment habits in defined areas

• systemised regional and global collection of data on barriers and needs.

As product complexity increases there is increased pressure on MSLs for HCP interface and data provision.


Mass n.
A grouping of individual parts or elements
that compose a unified body






Stakeholder engagement and behavioural change

Behavioural change is key to improved outcomes delivery. Mass are experts in successful programme creation and delivery for public, patients, HCPs, payors and internal audiences.