Physical, digital and social

At Mass, we understand the physical, digital and social aspects of integrated healthcare communications. We are always looking for new ways to help healthcare brands support and target commissioners/payors, healthcare professionals and patients they serve by ensuring they contribute towards delivering best value through care that enhances the overall patient experience.

When it comes to physical communications, we excel in creating highly creative campaigns that are made possible because they originate from a simple thought or insight. Although traditional campaign collateral is still important we also develop more innovative face-to-face communications and targeted tools from clinical care clinics to patient pathway modelling to get your product in front of the right people at the right time.

We have been developing digital communications for our healthcare and pharma clients for 25 years. We have developed an impressive arsenal of digital and technological solutions to help brands empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and information they need to best serve their patients. For example, we have successfully established and managed e-detailing, apps, e-learning programmes, emails and self-detailing projects. After deployment, we measure and review the success of such initiatives to ensure they hit their mark.

Social media offers brands the power to connect and converse with customers like never before. Maintaining a clear ‘voice’ is particularly important here in helping brands to listen to, as well as engage with, healthcare professionals and patients on a more personal level, to understand behaviour and build better relationships.

Social media
offers brands
the power to
connect and
converse with
its customers
like never

But to succeed in this arena, it’s vital to establish a two-way communication that proves the brand is listening, not just talking. Mass can help you develop a social media strategy that delivers a clear, consistent message to match your brand values and positively strengthen public perception, whether the dialogue is business to business, business to consumer or brand to healthcare professional to patient . We are also adept at designing social marketing activities that work well within the tightly regulated world of healthcare, identifying and avoiding issues with privacy, data security, corporate communications policy, and regulatory compliance.

Whether you want to get physical, go digital or be sociable, Mass can deliver a communications strategy that is perfectly designed for your needs.


“We organise into dynamic teams applying exactly the skills required to optimise resources and achieve results”

David Goodman


Patient Adherence

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Patient pathways

Mass are experts at helping health and wellness companies get their products to patients. We pioneer the latest tools to locate and access target CCGs, map individual patient pathways and provide valuable insights so brands can find and exploit new business opportunities. See how Mass helps healthcare brands take the path to success…


The digital challenge

The challenge is delivering on the evolved expectations of HCPs, their patients and all stakeholders. Successful digital engagement can be hard to achieve and yet is the minimum requirement for multiple stakeholders.