Behavioural change/
stakeholder engagement

The key to improved outcomes delivery

Mass are expert in successful programme creation and delivery for public, patients, HCPs, commissioners /payors , and internal audiences.

From self-assessment apps for patients precipitating HCP consultation, to adherence programmes, to awareness raising.

Campaigns in multichannel formats, and in-depth HCP disease training and CPD/CME accreditation.

Mass has developed patient adherence programmes for a number of orphan drugs which have seen good success in overcoming barriers to adherence. These programmes combine patient education and adherence support tools with a personalised nurse support service. This multidiscipline approach helps empower patients with the knowledge of why they should stick to their prescribed treatment, and the belief in their ability to take control of their health. Enhanced patient adherence is good news all round, as optimal patient outcomes, improved physician-patient communication and more cost-effective care benefits both patients and clinicians, as well as fostering brand loyalty for the drug.

Multi- industry experienced specialists deployed to match your programme needs.

We have put our collective brainpower together for many brands across various sectors: healthcare and pharmaceutical, retail, hotels and restaurants, automotive, professional and financial services, petrochemical, manufacturing, property and real estate, tourism, leisure and entertainment. This contrasting experience set helps ensure clients are unconstrained by narrow thinking and lets us deliver truly innovative programmes and changed outcomes. …it almost goes without saying that we are experts in sparking conversations across all media channels whether offline, online, in print, on social or digital, in pictures, on video or TV. Be inspired by our client work or contact us to see how we can help you.


“We organise into dynamic teams applying exactly the skills required to optimise resources and achieve results”

David Goodman


The ‘new’ medical affairs agenda

Medical Affairs responsibilities have evolved and continue to do so. A ‘new normal’ has arrived. Pharma faces unprecedented marketplace disruption to the asset commercialisation process.