Brand & Promotion

A core thought, multi- channel execution

Mass specialise in providing integrated multichannel print, digital and social media solutions to healthcare clients. Our integrated approach means true consistency of brand identity across all channels. For example, for a leading pharma company, we take responsibility for the portfolio of brands across multiple websites- for promotion, for disease awareness, and also via personalised apps. We do this for HCPs, Patients, Consumers, and internal audiences.

We excel at distilling complexity into a single compelling thought. We call this ‘Abstraction’. We give brands a distilled abstracted ‘voice’ that cuts through the clutter, connects with customers and elicits a positive outcome. Delivering effective communications in the healthcare sector poses numerous challenges. Tight regulations, saturated channels and increased competition all make it difficult to differentiate and reach target audiences and stakeholders. Mass has found that a clear voice can overcome these hurdles by cutting through the clutter of the marketplace and drilling down to what really matters to the customer.

“Truth is ever
to be found in
simplicity, and
not in the
and confusion
of things”

Isaac Newton

However, finding that all-important clear voice doesn’t come easily – it requires thorough customer understanding and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare market, not to mention hard work and inevitable trial and error to find simple, yet powerful solutions that speak directly to the right people, in the right way and at the right time. As Isaac Newton once said, ‘Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.’ At Mass, we couldn’t agree more. We believe if you keep it simple you’ll uncover what is really going on and find a distinct clear voice for your brand – one that always reaches it’s mark and resonates with customers to instil trust and build rapport.


“We organise into dynamic teams applying exactly the skills required to optimise resources and achieve results”

David Goodman


Physical, digital, social

Looking for a communications agency that covers all the bases? You have come to the right people. Mass knows just how to devise and implement a comprehensive, multichannel communications plan that’s exactly on spec and delivers the ideal, fully-integrated mix of physical, digital and social media.


Patient Adherence

Looking for proven methods to tackle poor patient adherence? Mass has seen real improvements in drug adherence with their latest program which combines patient education and adherence support tools that work. Read how we are already improving adherence for a number of orphan drugs.